• Environmental certificate
  • API certificate
  • Domestic certificate
  • Patent certificate
  • 物資準入證書
  • 會員單位證書
  • 環保證書
  • 環境污染治理能力證書
  • HSE證書
  • HSE證書
  • 16C
  • 11D1-2
  • 11D1-1
  • 7K
  • 7-1
  • 6A
  • 高新產品
  • 高新產品
  • 高新產品
  • 鉆具旁通閥
  • 鉆井泥漿收集處理系統
  • 鉆井泥漿不落地處理過程中的儲漿罐
  • 鉆井固井水泥頭
  • 長柱塞防砂增效泵
  • 浴室營房太陽能熱水系統
  • Oil drilling tools
  • Environmental protection equipment series
  • Movable houses and pressure vessels
About Chicheng

Yangzhou Chicheng Petroleum Machinery Company Limited is located in the famous cultural city of Yangzhou with a long history, and specifically, in Jianhua Industrial Park, Yangzhou High-tech Industrial Development Zone and near Guazhou Ancient Ferry.

With the registered capital of ¥45 million and the building area of 20,000m2, the company, which was established at the beginning of 2002, is a modern integrated enterprise engaged in manufacturing, market development, research and development of new products, and technical services. It has partnered with petroleum colleges and research institutes by ......

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Yangzhou Chicheng Petroleum Machinery Co., Ltd.

Contact: Xu Jun

Tel: 0514-87952788

Mobile: 13813140333

E-mail: [email protected]

Fax: 0514-87860188

Website: www.yegaqi.icu

Address: 112 Xinghua Road, Jianhua Industrial Park, Yangzhou High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Yangzhou, Jiangsu 

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